Jason is an active member of our Chapter and is a newly elected board member, and has participated in most every event hosted by the chapter. His outgoing personality and friendly smile makes him a great ambassador for our Chapter – get to know Jason!

Ed – Jason, tell me about your immediate family. How long have you lived in the STL area?

JK – I have my wife Carrie and 2 kids; son Tristan 8 and daughter Danica 6. We moved to Lake St. Louis from Iowa in December of 1992 when my dad got transferred. We’ve been in Wentzville since 2002.

Ed – Tell me about other interests/hobbies you have.

JK – I am a big soccer fan English and domestic. I follow Chelsea Football Club and we’ve had partial season tickets to Sporting Kansas City the last couple of years. I am also somewhat of a LEGO collector. Have several sets on display at home.

Ed – How long have you been a “car guy” and when did you focus on BMW and the Mini brand? What other vehicles do you own or have owned other than your Mini?

JK – Driving and racing games have always been my favorite kind of video games, but I was never a car guy until we got the first MINI and then it quickly evolved into track days and auto cross. The MINI Countryman we had was the first fun car we ever owned, and the first one led to getting others. My John Cooper Works is the 4th MINI we got in a two year period. The JCW is the most fun car to drive I’ve ever had. It was custom ordered, and I’ve got it pretty much exactly the way I want it.

Ed – Is there a vehicle from your past you wish you still had?

JK – My first car was a 1987 Reliant. It was literally a grandma car. We bought it from a nice old lady in Lake St. Louis. It had no power at all, but I drove the crap out of it until someone hit me and we decided to get rid of it.

Ed – What driving experience do you have? Anything professional? Have you driven in rallies, auto cross, or drag raced as a kid on the streets? Driving schools?

JK – I’ve done the Richard Petty and Rusty Wallace driving experience. I’ve participated in numerous HPDEs and begun doing auto cross this year.

Ed – How long have you been a BMWCCA member? Any other car clubs?

JK – I joined the BMWCCA in March 2015 as a requirement for participation in an HPDE at Putnam Park. I’m a member of the SCCA and former president of the St. Louis MINI Club

Ed – Do you have pet peeves while driving?

JK – People that camp out in the passing lane really annoys me. I try to make sure I’m making progress whenever I use that lane.

Ed – If price was no object, what car would you own?

JK – I haven’t been able to pick a model, but it wouldn’t be something off the shelf. I’d have a shop build me something. I’m thinking I’d take an older car and modernize the power train and interior.

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