A relatively new member, Chrissy said as her husband, Shawn, dragged her to a club meeting. “I was afraid it was just going to be a bunch of rich old men sitting around talking about whose BMW was better.”  That was three years ago and she hasn’t looked back.  Chrissy quickly became an enthusiastic recruiter for the St. Louis chapter talking to anyone and everyone whenever the opportunity arises to promote our chapter and encourage membership.  She has stepped to the plate whenever a strong leader roll is required.  She is taking on the burdensome task of putting together our Holiday Party for this coming season and is probably the strongest Street Survival supporter volunteering as an instructor initially then working her way into marketing the events, coordinating with sister car clubs and now organizing and managing the other instructors for the driving portion of the classes events and assisting with the SCCA controlled events.

Besides the typical Mommy duties for her family of seven; Shawn, son, Timmy, three cats and a dog, Chrissy finds the time to restore an E46 330i with Shawn and maintains an X5.  Even though she is a very active club member, owns drives and works on BMWs, Chrissy considers herself as a “truck girl to the core.”  Huh?  You see, before her BMW time started, she’s owned and restored numerous pickup trucks.  I guess she stays connected to those roots with the X5, or tries at least.

Chrissy can be found at just about any of our car shows, club drives, meetings and social parties always dishing out friendly advice or recommendations never shying away from center stage.  Find her and say hello, and thank her for her energy because much of what we enjoy as a club is a result of her effort!

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