Someone’s keeping me out of trouble! Seriously. Real recently I drove up next to a Nissan GTR while behind the wheel of the family workhorse, a Toyota Sienna minivan which isn’t all that mini. Had I driven up next to that car in our Corvette, I might have gotten myself in trouble with a capital T!

Come to think of it, not too many months before that we were in the Z4 (affectionally known as the Silver Bullet) one evening heading East on I-64 and drove up alongside an M5 with a relatively clear road in front of us. Once again someone is looking out for me; the M5 driver reminded me of my mother, no kidding!  She never even acknowledged our presence and I’ll bet she didn’t even know what she was driving (sorry, that was a sexist comment).

Had my twin that we’re all told we have somewhere in this world been driving, I would have possibly been in trouble. Well, maybe not so much this time, because it wouldn’t have been much of a match and all over in a matter of seconds. On an occasion this spring when the match might have been more even (nah, I’m just sayin’ that) the Pontiac G8 next to me once again driving the Corvette wouldn’t stop teasing me on a very, very crowded interstate, that same savior was present otherwise that little devil on my shoulder whispering in my left ear might have taken over. Someone is definitely keeping me out of trouble! I’m not complaining you understand. It’s like the times we’ve all had when we’re becoming aggravated behind a slower vehicle and round a curve only to find a police officer running radar on the side of the road. Had that slower car not been there…

We’ve all most likely been there. Since I’m still here, and I still have a driver’s license, I’m glad that guardian angel is around and I’m glad I keep ignoring that little devil on my shoulder! We drive pretty hot cars and we love them. Track days, high performance driving schools, and ‘run-what-you-brung’ nights at the drag strip are for our inner devils.  Stay safe out there and drive with your head, the consequences aren’t worth it.

Bob Marsh, Gesundheit Editor

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