Calling All Members!!

How often have you stopped for gas and seen another BMW at another pump or pulled into the grocery store parking lot only to drive by an awesome coupe that catches your eye?  I’ll bet it’s rather often.

The Chapter has for the asking, cards for precisely this purpose; to place on the windshield of a parked car or hand to the person putting gas in their Bimmer. They are great for breaking the ice and start a conversation about what is already established as common ground; your BMWs. The cards invite the recipient to visit our website have our Facebook page listed as well.

Our chapter has a little over 650 members throughout the St. Louis region. Only a small number (less than 100) are active participants. We are simply a group of folks from all walks of life at all ages with the common interest of BMW cars, motorcycles and Mini Coopers – old, new and in between. We have a meeting which is as social as it is formal (less on the formal) once a month.  We participate in car shows, fund raisers, holiday parties, technical seminars and demonstrations, Street Survival School for young adults, fun Sunday drives, weekend get-aways, and yes, track events.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, there is always someone willing to lend a hand and plenty of expertise.

The camaraderie is wonderful and there is something for everyone.  Mention this to the person putting gas in their BMW and you may be surprised. Often all anyone needs is a personal invitation.  Keep our Chapter strong!

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