Ever dream of attending an M-Day Driving Event FREE OF CHARGE? For one of our members, the dream will become a reality.

CLUB M DAY IN GREER, SC: Saturday August 19, 2017

This is an M-Day crafted especially for the Club! A select group will hit the BMW Performance Center at 8 A.M. and unleash a bevy of track-ready M vehicles.  Participants will be driving an M2, M3, and an M4 in various challenges like skidpad drifting, cornering, and braking exercises.

We’ll run the handling course, do competitive events for fun, and enjoy hot lap rides with instructors.  The day also includes BMW Performance Center amenities and a buffet luncheon. The Program is available to all BMW CCA members at a cost $700 and members can register by calling the BMW Performance Driving School at 1-888-345-4269.

AND NOW FOR THE JUICY PART – One Member to Attend Free of Charge!

Each chapter may designate a new or existing member who has not attended a previous Club M Day to attend at no charge.  Participants will be required to provide all transportation, lodging and meal expenses. This latter opportunity is open to existing and new St. Louis Chapter members that have yet to attend the driving school.

How to Register: Eligible members should be listed on the June, 2017 roster. Interested members may submit their name, car club number and preferred means of contact to [email protected] not later than 6 P.M. July 10th. One submission per member and, or associate member. Submissions will be accepted at the meeting.

A public drawing will take place at the July 11th BMW Member Meeting at GC Grill. You do not need to be present to win. The successful participant would be asked to provide an article with pictures from for the Gesundheit.

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