For this coming Saturday’s and all future Cars & Coffee events — AND for the sake of the merchants who need space along the inner Steinmart “lane” — PLEASE:

  1. Leave 12 – 14 spaces (6 – 7 per side) on any aisle on the “store side” of the entire lot. Arriving employees and customers need a place to park. If you see someone starting to park in these spaces, just ask them to leave these spaces open. Let’s correct ourselves on this.
  2. Do NOT park in handicap spots as some did last month. You will be fined.
  3. Do not park in any “Employee of the Month” parking spot, as some did.
  4. Of course, as always, leave no debris behind on the tarmac. Let’s keep it clean.

We want to keep this location, for its convenience and food. BUT we must have cooperation with all drivers, or we risk losing our privileges in a merchant lot. This is their place of business—you would feel the same way. Thanks and pass the word to others—while we have some car fun.


C&C Coordinator

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