Editor’s Note: By Bob Marsh

A number of years ago I wanted a Mustang GT convertible. A good friend in Atlanta – the gentleman I blame for all this and a BMW aficionado in his own right – said just come drive a BMW. If you don’t like it, we’ll go buy all the Mustang GTs you want. He took me to Global Imports where I test drove a ’96 328i Cabriolet. I couldn’t believe how smooth it was at the same moment I realized I was going 110 MPH on I-285 on the North side of the city. Before you start chastising me for traveling 110, have you ever driven on I-285 around Atlanta? I rest my case. That 328i became the first of five BMWs. I immediately attempted to make it into an M3 by doing the typical bolt-on stuff like software upgrades and cold air intakes, wheels and tires; gee, Bob, why didn’t you just get an M?. My wife, Carol and I are now on number five, an E89 Z4, and over the years the collection did include a couple M models and a bullet proof (almost) E46 sedan. We’ve never worn one out; we probably wouldn’t live long enough to do that, it’s just that I like a little variety and if I think about it too much, I get that “bug.” At one point for a very brief period, we had three at once and I think I may have a picture of that around somewhere.

Thus began my tenure with the BMWCCA. I am a proud member of 16 years plus and have been somewhat active in the St. Louis Chapter. That activity has run warm and cold over the years at times really cold, and right now is about as warm as it’s become jumping into this editor position. I’m not a writer nor have I been an editor before although I often thought of it – does that count? I’m not really a car-guy either, but certainly a car-guy wannabe. Real car-guys in my book are the fellas who are capable of major surgery in their garage. That’s not me, but I do have a lift and more cars than anyone needs so perhaps I can be considered an associate car-guy.

I’m told that once you’ve made a decision to never second-guess yourself. Okay, so I won’t question why I signed up to be your new editor of the Gesundheit newsletter. Before raising my hand, I thought of several really cool ideas and how much fun it would be to see them come to fruition, was that a dream? As I sit here at the keyboard, I can’t seem to think of that they were! They’ll come back to me eventually and in future issues I hope you will enjoy them as much I am imagining them!

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