Join us for a Dyno Day at Franjo Speed in Chesterfield Valley

  • Free general admission for all attendees, special dyno pricing
  • Invite your BMW and Mini friends: non-members are welcome
  • DYNO RUNS limited to 10
  • DRAWING: One club member will win a free dyno run!
  • FOOD: Lunch will be provided for those present at the time

How much power does your favorite ride really have? Find out at the upcoming Dyno Day. Test your car’s muscle or just hang out with other enthusiasts. Franjo Speed offers one of the only all-wheel-drive (AWD), load cell dynamometers in the area. You’ll be impressed with their facilities, and maybe with your car’s performance.

Date: Saturday, Sep 23
Time: 10 AM – 4PM
Location: 615 Spirit of St Louis Blvd, Chesterfield, MO 63005

Details from Franjo Speed:

1) A dyno day is simply an event where we load vehicles onto our all-wheel-drive chassis dynamometer and run them at wide open throttle (“WOT”) in a certain gear from about 2,000 rpm all the way up to redline. So the car’s drive wheels/tires are rolling on the dyno rollers, just as it would on the street, except that the car is actually not moving because it is strapped down in a stationary position. We strap every vehicle down at 8 points—4 front and 4 rear. As the car is running on the dyno, the dyno applies a calculated load to the drive tires that simulates the actual resistance the car would experience on the street. At the same time, the dyno is measuring the amount of horsepower and torque the car is generating at the wheels. At the end of the “run” or “pull” on the dyno, we will be able to tell how much power and torque the car generated throughout the entire rpm range.

2) Attached are 2 forms we’ll need completed and signed by anyone wanting to dyno his or her car. The first is a dyno day waiver form. It is standard in the industry, and is something our insurance company asks that we have all customers recovering dyno services complete. We also use the dyno waiver form to input participant’s information into the dyno computer. The dyno day form also has space credit card info on it too if folks want to pay that way. The second form is a pre-appointment checklist. It is something to help you prepare for the dyno session. If we can get folks to complete, sign, scan and email the forms back to us before the dyno day, we can get their info into the dyno computer, which will help speed things up day of. We can do about 10 cars. Any more, and it gets to be a really long day. If only, say, 3 sign up that’s fine. We can also have forms here ready to go if someone shows up, gets caught up in the action, and wants to do some pulls.

3) Price. Our normal charge for a dyno baseline is $125, whether 2WD or AWD, which includes 3 full RPM range sweeps plus printed graphs and results showing horsepower and torque at the wheels. For a dyno day, we can discount that to $100. Because of time constraints associated with dyno days, we will not be able to do any tuning, diagnostic, or additional services, such as wideband O2 sensor hookups, data logging using tuning software, etc. during the pulls.


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