The 2016 numbers are in and once again, the St. Louis BMWCCA Chapter proves to be a giant success. Our Chapter in partnership with the St. Louis Chapter of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) graduated a total of 176 held at the Family Arena in St. Charles throughout the summer. Our Chapter and the SCCA conduct courses and classroom instruction established by The Tire Rack across the country and here at the parking area of the Family Arena in St. Charles. In a large, paved open area instructors put students through practical applications they will most likely encounter on the street that is not taught in Driver’s Education; wet braking, wet skidding sudden lane changes, backing and parking to name a few. Students are paired with an individual instructor for one-on-one coaching in the student’s own daily-driver vehicle. This is not a performance driving course, but a safety and “Street Survival” exercise.

Requirements for the Street Survival course are young drivers within the ages of 15 to 21, possess at a minimum a learner’s permit and have completed at least half of the 40-hour practical driving requirement required by the state of Missouri.

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